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Optional Field Trip 4 - Provincetown

As expected, the Provincetown tidal flat did not fail - we found a plethora of sipunculans (Phascolopsis gouldi), holothurians (Leptosynapta tenuis),  polychaetes of many families (especially the bamboo worm, Clymella torquata), 6 types of bivalves (mainly the quahog, Mercenaria mercenaria) and only 1 gastropod (Littorina sp.). We did not find many nemerteans, or any moon snails, and no live crabs - just washed up lady crabs, Ovalipes ocellatus, and Atlantic rock crabs, Cancer irroratus.

Optional Field Trip 3 - Sandwich Town Beach

Our snorkeling trip to Sandwich Town Beach was planned for when the low tide coincided with full moon. We were relatively lucky with the visibility, but we likely went in a bit too early to see an army of crabs on the peat flats in shallow water.

Li Ling provided a report and photos in a ppt attached below.

Lecture 8 - Echinodermata

I'd like to give special thanks to Ed Enos at MBL's MRC, who provided two male and two female Arbacia (urchins). We released gametes via electrical stimulation and conducted a fertilization on Monday, Oct. 3. We should have echinoplutei larvae for our lab class.

I'd also like to thank Shawn Arellano for the Echinarachnius (sand dollars) and Ann Tarrant for collecting the Asterias (sea stars) under the WHOI pier.

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Li Ling will be presenting the following paper:

Field Trip 2 - WBNERR, South Cape Beach State Park

On Tues. Sept. 27, we sampled at South Cape Beach State Park in Mashpee. Nancy Church was our guide for this field trip to several habitats within the Waquoit Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve (WBNERR).

Katie's ppt and xls files are attached below as a field trip report.

When the inverts class last visited these sites, we were able to find Leptosynapta (the worm-like holothurian), and we also had a challenge to identify the crustaceans vs. insect larvae in the salt marsh.

Class 8 at ESL

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Thu, 2011-10-13 14:30 - 16:00

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Li Ling will present a paper

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