Lecture 10 - Additional phyla and Review

In our last class meeting, we will first cover 2 phyla that we were not able to finish in previous lectures (Nematoda and Chaetognatha), then discuss additional phyla not covered in the previous lectures (e.g., lophophorates: Bryozoa and Brachipoda).

Katie will be presenting the following paper with a local species in Phylum Cycliophora:

Baker, J., et al. (2007) Cryptic speciation in the recently discovered American cycliophoran Symbion americanus; genetic structure and population expansion. Marine Biology, doi:10.1007/s00227-007-0654-8.

Looks like a paper was presented last week at the Deep Metazoan Phylogeny Conference suggesting that cycliophorans are within the Bryozoa:

Hausdorf, B. Phylogenomic relationships between lophotrochozoan phyla – phylogenetic signal versus systematic errors.

Instead of lab, we can review characteristics of the phyla covered during the course, in preparation for the final lab practical. Readings on Nematodes, Chaetognaths, and Cycliophorans are posted to Lecture 6. Other readings attached below.