Optional Field Trip 4 - Provincetown

As expected, the Provincetown tidal flat did not fail - we found a plethora of sipunculans (Phascolopsis gouldi), holothurians (Leptosynapta tenuis),  polychaetes of many families (especially the bamboo worm, Clymella torquata), 6 types of bivalves (mainly the quahog, Mercenaria mercenaria) and only 1 gastropod (Littorina sp.). We did not find many nemerteans, or any moon snails, and no live crabs - just washed up lady crabs, Ovalipes ocellatus, and Atlantic rock crabs, Cancer irroratus. Click here for a comparison of these crab carapaces - note the points on the lady crab carapace vs. the more smoothed edge of the rock crab carapace.